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5 Main Reasons Why You Should Get the Rechargeable Comfy Heated Electric Battery Powered Socks going into 2021!


2020 was a year that none of us could have expected. A prominent lesson most of us learned from this experience is that you should always be prepared for whatever may come your way. Although the year was filled with Cabin Fever and confinement for us all, there is still always room to grow and better yourself. Now we are out of that dreaded year and are looking forward to new pastures, except, we still have another thing to gear up for… WINTER. Let’s be real for a minute. Winter weather is not very fun. I think most of us can agree on that. It’s safe to say that gearing up for the cold is a necessity. If I asked you right now if you were prepared for the Winter season, what would you say? Seeing that you don’t have these heated, battery-powered socks in your arsenal means that there is still some growing to do in the preparation!

Another question I pose is whether or not you have ever put on two pairs of socks in the Winter to deal with the cold? I know I have, and honestly, most of the time it’s uncomfortable. Well, now you can throw that thought out the window! These electric battery run socks are Triple Layered to help consumers stay bundled up and warm without the discomfort. Incredible!


1. Triple-Layered Socks 

Triple-Layered Socks? Yes, that is correct. Not only that but each layer has a specific role in the overall use of the product. The three layers consist of being Windproof and aiding warmth when the wind is strong, having the direct Heating Layer as the heat source of the sock, and having the Warm layer maintaining the warmth throughout the day or activity. All this in one? Yes, I am serious. The Triple Layer innovation is a game-changer and will change the way you wear socks in the Winter forever!



2. Amazing, No, Essential for Winter 

As mentioned before, these socks are highly-important during the winter months. Currently, it is Winter, so now is the time to invest in some socks that will keep your feet warm for the entire season. Alongside this, these socks have longevity! Buy a pair, save your feet this season, and recognize that you can do all that again next year at absolutely NO cost. Don’t get cold feet. Instead, follow the innovative route and keep yourself warm when you need it most!



3. Easy Care & Washing Procedure

Rechargeable, battery-powered socks? I know what you are thinking, how the heck would I keep them clean? How do I take care of them? The batteries mean they're electronic, won’t water kill them? The answer is simple… NO! The socks are operated simply by two AA (Double-A) batteries, which can easily be removed when socks are being cleaned, and replaced after they dry. The ideal way to wash them is so easy it's unbelievable. Just rinse with water and wash with mild detergent. Easily leave them to hang dry, or towel dry, either works. Keeping the socks clean and taking care of them is quickly understandable and does not take up a large chunk of time, allowing you to keep your feet warm throughout any Winter Activity.



4. Ideal for outdoors, indoors, and heavy duty uses

You might be thinking that these socks are only good for the Winter which I could understand, as many others would. However, these heated socks are great for a vast array of activities! The breathable cotton material allows for the socks to apply to multiple sporting activities including Climbing, Cycling, Motor Sports, Hunting, etc. The socks can also help tremendously during heavy-duty endeavours like Heavy Lifting, Construction, etc. Simple activities like walking your dog or shovelling your driveway are also relevant. If your feet are cold, no matter the activity, these socks can be an enormous help!



5. Relief

Relief? From socks? Yes, you read that right. Alongside all the remarkable ‘feats’ these heated socks boast, they are also an astounding aid for those searching for relief or dealing with physical ailments or conditions! The heated socks completely distinguish cold feet and offer relief to those who have cold feet from conditions like poor circulation or arthritis, and ultimately give relief to anyone looking for warmth in such a drastically cold time. Do winter right. Give yourself some relief from the harsh temperatures and get cozy in the impeccable warmth!



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