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5 Ways Heated Socks Help with Sesamoiditis

Have you been noticing pain, swelling, or bruising by the ball of your foot? You may be experiencing sesamoiditis - the inflammation of the tendons in your foot, particularly most commonly near your big toe. This can become extremely annoying, as it comes in the way of our daily tasks - it may even hurt to move your toe or walk. But sesamoiditis does not have to become an obstacle in our busy lives. With these triple-layered, battery run socks, you can treat your inflammation with ease and comfort. If you have been experiencing this discomfort, these socks are for you.

Here are 5 ways that heated socks can help ease your sesamoiditis, and get you back to living your normal life in no time!

1. Relieves Pain

The main symptom of sesamoiditis is pain under the ball of your foot and near the inflamed tendon. This can become incredibly annoying, and disruptive of your daily tasks. Do not limit  yourself because of the pain you’re feeling. Who thought doing what you love again would be as easy as putting on a pair of socks?

2. Reduces Inflammation

Your foot tendons have become inflamed from repeated trauma, whether that be wearing high heels/poorly fitted shoes, or constantly engaging in sports and activities such as running, ballet, and basketball. What better to relieve inflammation than with heat? Instead of taking time out of your day to stay still and apply pressure on expensive heat pads, go about your day after slipping these socks on with ease and you don’t have to worry about your inflammation for the rest of the day! Wear these socks whenever you want warmth, comfort, or relief.

3. Prevent Recurring Injuries

The pain you feel from sesamoiditis tends to build up gradually. Be sure to treat this injury overtime with these rechargeable heated socks. Save your money from buying heat pads, and save time from tediously heating or icing your foot. Instead, slip on these heated socks, and wear them out or even walk around the house so that you can use your time on things you want or need to do, instead of letting your injury get in the way. 

4. Treats Injury Over Time

Sometimes, injuries are unpreventable. If you are in an occupation involving heavy lifting, crouching, or any activities exerting excessive pressure on your feet, such as sports, these heated socks are a must for you!  Your doctor may recommend you to rest or avoid activities until all your symptoms subside… but that may not be feasible for everyone! If your daily activities are causing you long-term sesamoiditis, treat your injuries overtime - during or after work! Treat yourself and look after your health; use these socks daily so that you can treat this injury.

5. Lets You Get Back to Living Your Normal Life!

With sesamoiditis, you are unable to get back to living your normal life until all the symptoms subside. You have to avoid jumping, running, or doing things that you love, such as basketball, or dancing. These thick, absorbent, breathable, quick-drying, and soft socks are perfect for a variety of sports and outdoor situations/circumstances. Treat yourself to this comfort, and you never have to let this obstacle get in the way of your regular life ever again!

So what are you waiting for? Get these socks on sale now, and save yourself the trouble of going to the doctors again, taking medication, or even changing your lifestyle. Get back to living life the way you want to live it!

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