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Are heated socks worth the money?

Are heated socks worth the money?

It's that time of the year when Winter brings snow, cold and hot chocolate. Winter is a love-hate relationship because it causes us to wake up early in the morning just to get to work or school on time. However, it allows many fun family activities to happen such as building a snowman or going skiing and snowboarding. One of the major reasons for not liking the Winter is the cold. The cold wind can cut your face and numb your feet. Sometimes I double layer my socks just to keep my feet warm, sacrificing comfort. This was until I discovered heated socks. These electric battery run socks are Triple Layered to help your feet stay bundled up and warm without the discomfort. In this blog, I will explain why these heated socks are worth the money!


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Everyone has a different body temperature and body type that dictates how well someone can retain heat, the amount of warmth needed differs from person to person. However, the first body parts to get cold are your feet and hands because they are the furthest away from receiving blood flow. Of all of the different attributes you could look for in socks, the most important is warmth. We know a regular pack of thick socks cost around $15 - $25, and they don’t do a great job for the winter. These heated socks cost similarly at $20 for one pack and offer triple layer coverage! One layer is dedicated to windproofing, the second layer is the heating layer, and the last layer is a warm layer. Even without the heating function, these socks are screaming to take my money. At $20, it does more than just a triple layer sock, it also electrically heats your feet for a warmer experience. Traditional socks try to retain heat in your feet, but if your feet are cold it retains nothing! These heating socks provide external heat which will quickly warm up your feet in minutes.


Rechargeable Comfy Heated Electric Battery - Powered Socks

A lot of socks have problems where they rip and tear easily. These heating socks are not one and done. They are made of high quality cotton that is bound to last you for many winters to come. They are designed to be durable which is even suitable for extreme activities such as skiing and snowboarding. Not only is it great for the winter, but you can use it for outdoor activities in any season such as fishing, jogging, hunting, cycling and so on. These socks won’t be sitting in your drawer for a whole year! Another reason why they are so reusable is that they operate on batteries. All you have to do is replace the batteries and they are good to go! I can’t express how much value you can get with just $20!

Comfort and Relief

Rechargeable Comfy Heated Electric Battery - Powered Socks

Comfort is one of the most important factors in looking for any apparel. The heating socks are made of premium thickening cotton material that acts better than other material. It is comfortable because it's absorbent and breathable. It is very soft in nature and is elastic thickened making the sock more versatile and reliable than your average sock. In addition, these $20 socks will help provide relief from physical ailments and conditions. They can help with conditions such as poor circulation or arthritis, and ultimately give relief to anyone looking for warmth in such a drastically cold time.

Rechargeable Comfy Heated Electric Battery - Powered Socks

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about heat socks, click here. Our heat sockz is the most bang for buck, and definitely worth every money dollar. It is comfortable, made out of high quality cotton and is durable enough for heavy duty use. It makes a great gift for everyone and will not disappoint! 




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