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Heated Sockz Customer Reviews

“The BEST pair of socks I have ever owned!! Living in Wisconsin we all know that the temperature can get quite brisk in the fall and winter. These socks keep me warm and cozy throughout the day and are well made. Would recommend!”

            -Brenda P.

 “Honestly, I didn’t expect much from these socks as I thought they’d be a hoax but I’m genuinely impressed. Not only are these socks thick, but they are also warm and truly do heat up. Working in construction these socks are a gift from heaven as I’m out in the cold during some of the coldest days. Love them.”

            -Mike E.

 “Bought these for my son as he was going on a snowboarding trip with his friends in the mountains. He said he loved them and asked me to buy a few more pairs for his next trip. Next thing I know some of the moms of the other boys are calling me up and asking me where I bought them so they can get a few pairs for their sons! Haha, truly a must have for outdoor winter sport lovers!”

            -Susan B.

 “Don’t even think twice, just buy them you won’t regret it. The socks do exactly what they say and are awesome for the wintertime.”

            -Chris L.

 “Product came just as described. Bought the three pack and had to buy another pack because my husband has fallen with the socks himself and keeps stealing mine. No regrets!”

            -Nina Z.

 “Honestly a great addition for all members of the family! My husband desperately needed some new socks as he uses socks regardless of how many holes they have, my son loves to ski and needed a really good pair of thermal socks, and my daughter and I are always cold! I bought 2 pairs of the 3 pack so that everyone could get a pair and then we gave the other 2 pairs to my my sister. Now my nieces and nephews are raving about these socks and they’ve become part of family banter. Haha thank you Heated Sockz!”

            -Jessica D.

 “Comfort is everything to me and trust me, these hit the mark! The socks are warm comfortable and solid – love ‘em!”

            -Dean S.

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