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The Best Heated Socks On The Market

The Best Heated Socks On The Market

It's a long cold hike/snowshoe/ski 'til you're back by that fire, and you're going to need some reinforcements to not be miserable. Roll on a pair of heated socks, and keep your circulation chugging and your toes happy thanks to new technology, moisture-wicking fabrics and other design innovations. 

Do You Even Need Heated Socks?

Powered by rechargeable batteries and wired for energy distribution, heated socks are like little electric blankets for your calves and feet. They are especially beloved by anyone who spends hours outside in the snow or bitter cold, whether they're hitting the slopes, the trails or just working. Plus, they're great to tuck into when you're going to sleep while camping. They're especially suitable for anyone with poor circulation, or a condition such as arthritis or diabetes that might restrict circulation.


#3 - Lenz Heated Socks 5.0 Toe Cap + Lithium Pack RCB 1200

Price: $359

"The phone app has settings that go from 0-10 for the levels of heat you want," one satisfied customer says. The sock—which has the distinction of sponsoring the Olympic Ski Team in its home country, Austria—has interval settings you can control via Bluetooth. And, like all the best performance cold-weather socks, each pair is ergonomically knitted to withstand wear and tear while staying comfortable.

#2 - Smilodon Heated Socks, Electric Heating Rechargeable Battery Powered Knee High Thermal Insulated Socks

Price: $80

Not a fan of wool socks? This cotton-polyester-elastane blend is an effective alternative, and we're sold after reading the account of one user who limped from cramped toes after working 12-hour shifts outdoors in the 30-below Canadian winter: "Enter these glorious things. I let my feet get freezing, and damn near painful before I turned them on for the first time. I damn near cried, for years I have just dealt with my cold feet." But not any longer, since the heat radiates from the toe cap and sole areas of this sock to warm the whole foot—in what feels like a second.

#1 - Rechargeable Comfy Heated Socks by Heated Sockz

Price: $19.99 USD - $39.99 

The Rechargeable Comfy Heated Socks by Heated Sockz comes out to first place not only for its amazing price point in comparison to its competitors, but also because of all its impeccable features! Be winter ready, head to toe - we got the toe part covered with our triple layered comfy heated socks. High-grade cotton fabric with battery-powered heating technology keeps your feet warm. Our unisex electric heated socks are made of premium thickening cotton material that are absorbent, breathable, quick-drying, elastic thickened, and soft, which is perfect for variety of sports, outdoor situations, and many other circumstances. While most heated socks use rechargeable batteries, if you don't want to be bothered with remembering to recharge them before a day on the slopes, opt for a pair of Rechargeable Comfy Heated Socks by Heated Sockz, which use two AA batteries for each sock. These Rechargeable Comfy Heated Socks do everything you would want a pair of heated socks to do, but at a price that the competition could never come close to!

We’ve all been there –  as soon as the weather gets colder, we put on two pairs of socks just to keep our feet warm. Heated socks eliminate this need. Designed to generate heat when there isn’t nearly enough of it, they allow you to go skiing, hiking, and camping without having to pack countless pairs of socks with you. 

You can wear heated socks around the house too – they’re a perfect addition to your loungewear. Adjust the warmth level of your socks to the one that feels the most comfortable, grab a cup of hot tea, and you’re all set to get cozy by the fireplace.  

We hope that our heated socks buying guide helped you to choose the one that best fits your wants and needs. Click the button below to purchase a pair of our Rechargeable Comfy Heated Socks by Heated Sockz today!

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