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Which one is better: Heated Socks or Heated Insoles

It is the coldest time of the year! We should all be protecting ourselves from the elements. Many people love to have a variety of outdoor activities throughout the winter such as hiking, fishing, hunting, running, etc. They often face the problem of cold feet, most often this problem occurs in the winter. A common and well-known method that people use to warm their feet is to wear more pairs of thick socks. This is an old-fashioned method and is often not very practical and effective in more extreme conditions. In today's blog I will be looking at two alternatives, heated socks and heated insoles, to determine which is the better purchase to ensure the health and warmth of your feet this winter.

The goal of both heated socks and insoles is to protect your feet by keeping them at a comfortable temperature. As many know, as the body enters extremely cold temperatures it prioritizes heat retention and blood flow to the most important body parts. Feet being an outer extremity, can become compromised if you're not prepared for the cold weather. 


I will start by looking at the pros and cons of heated insoles. WestonStore claims to have the “#1 heated insoles'' so I will be using some of their data on heated insoles. The heated insoles can keep a constant warm temperature for up to 12 hours. They come with rechargeable batteries and a remote control. Have 3 temperature settings - up to 113° F/ 45° C, and they warm themselves up in less than 30 seconds. Some of the cons of heated insoles include not covering the whole foot. This could become a nuisance if the temperature is very cold and only the soles of your feet are reaping the benefits of the warmth. Another issue is that heated insoles may not fit well in certain footwear. If you purchase heated insoles and they end up being slightly too big or small, you’ll have to use another product. The last con of heated insoles is they are not machine washable and are difficult to wash properly. Which could be annoying for any germaphobes out there. 

Next I will be looking at our Heated Socks to compare and contrast the two products. The Rechargeable Comfy Heated Electric Battery Powered Socks are an amazing method for combatting your cold feet. Our socks are equipped with a triple layered fabric technology. We use high-grade cotton fabric with battery-powered heating technology to keep your feet warm when the weather gets cold. Some of the benefits of wearing Comfy Heated Socks include layering your feet in premium thickening cotton material, which is absorbent, breathable, quick-drying, elastic thickened, and are very soft. Having a rechargeable battery, the electric heated socks have a front foot and instep which both heat up. 7.4v 2200mah rechargeable battery packs and begin heating within 30 seconds. Equipped with a far infrared fiber heating element layer. The three layers of the sock consist of being windproof and aiding in warmth when the wind is strong. Having the direct heating layer as the heat source of the sock, and having the warm layer maintaining the warmth throughout the day or activity. This three layer system will ensure that when you’re participating in cold outdoor activities you’ll be prepared! The only cons associated with Heated Socks in that they have to be washed consistently like normal socks, which could be annoying if you only have one pair and you’re using them everyday. Also, heated socks are typically more expensive than heated insoles. Although, unlike heated insoles the Heated Electric Socks can be washed, they fit around your foot perfectly so there is no chance of not fitting in your shoe, and they keep your feet warmer because of the increased surface area of heating technology. 

After conducting the following research I have concluded that the Heated Electric Socks are the best alternative to layering your feet in thick wool socks this winter. The Heated Electric Socks are better in almost all areas, and right now are on sale for only $19.99! If you’re interested in purchasing a pair of Heated Electric Socks you can SHOP NOW!  

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